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Book Review: “Web of Darkness” by Marion Bradley

Web of Darkness

Marion Bradley

ISBN 0-450-05855-7

Published 1983

Verdict: 1/5

Web of Darkness is the second in the Fall of Atlantis series, although it is can be a stand alone book as well. It follows the story of two sisters and the part they played in the downfall of Atlantis. The two sisters live in a temple, one is a teenage child, the other slightly older.

I had never heard of Marion Bradley, so was not aware that she had written so many books nor of her controversial sex allegations. That probably made it easier to have an open mind when I began the book.

The comments within the covers compare it to Tolkien and there are generally favourable reviews on the internet, but for me, I could not even finish it. Many books I have read which begin badly I struggle through, some improve (The White Witch) while some torture me until the bitter end. For me not to finish the book, it must have been awful. I reached page eighty, of 369 pages. In those pages nothing happened. No really, nothing at all. People walked about and talked. Some went to a temple and some talked. They even slept. And talked, although not at the same time. ┬áInane conversations, and muttering of love and some people’s places. There was no character development, no excitement and the characters were not even interesting. I did not like the main characters, they were annoying and bland. I also did not like the names, with the main two characters, Deoris and Domaris being too similar so that I was not sure who was whom. I have read many fantasy books, and yet the names in this books seemed too ‘far out’ to understand.

At this point of slating a book, I move onto the bit I liked about the story. Um, yeah. Even the cover was not particularly inspiring.

Conclusion: Good to help the insomniacs.