About Me!

I am Alan,  a struggling author living in Devon. I am married to Ange and have a son, James.

I have always loved writing and mainly write fantasy and Sci-Fi. I have more ideas than i have time to write, and this causes me to start lots but often finish nothing. I am also a perfectionist, which means that everything must be absolutly perfect and so i will go over and over my writings changing it, slowing me even more.

My main faults are that i am scatty; I need to concentrate on one thing and complete it.

A few things about Me:

Fave Music: Metal and Rock. Mainly Queen, Black Sabbath, Meat Loaf, but also easy listening like Gene Pitney.

Fave Authors: I read almost anythingand hate giving up on a novel.  Authors include Wilbur Smith, Bernard Cornwell. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert Silverberg, J R RTolkein.

Fave Films: Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Starwars, Paleface and Son of Paleface. Highlander,

Fave TV: Simpsons, Robot Wars, Jeremy Kyle.

Things I like:

  • Nice people
  • The smell of burning oil and coal such as at steam fairs
  • Beer
  • Horror films and books
  • Scotch eggs

Things I dislike:

  • Smell of bleach
  • Cleaning
  • Celery

One response

  1. Fab short story Alan,enjoyed with a cuppa this morning,Loved the twist ,left me wanting to read more of your work .thankyou.xTina

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