Musings of writing….

They always say that you should write about what you know, and many people say that they know nothing. I thought about this, and wondered why anyone would want to read about what little I know. Why would my job help in this? I presently work in a cider brewery and could think of no stories at all.
It was today that the answer came to me as I was digging out my old stories, and came upon one which I really love, about a fly. I realised I did write about what I know. When I wrote the story I was working in a factory that made, among other items, fly killers. I had been inspired to write the story. While not directly related to my job, the job had been the spark for a fantastic story.
That leads to the next item; many writers store away stories and notes for a long time. I NEVER throw anything away, much to my wife’s annoyance. Finding the old story inspired me to edit it and get it sent out. And when I found it, hidden in an old folder i found many other gems, i had thought long forgotten.
So to conclude, throw nothing away and look in the most unusual places and there is a story, hidden, like a diamond in a coal seam, just waiting to be chipped out and polished for the world to see.

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